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June 2014

The late Dr Denis Wright's daughter aboard

Denis's younger daughter, Sylvia, contacted us after her father's death asking to be involved with BODHI. She is now supporting a kindergarten (balwadi). More by paying the salaries of a teacher and an assistant.

Volunteer Rebecca Rubin in action

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One of the winners of the study group art competition for designs for cards to accompany small bags and headbands. Rebecca hopes to sell bags of chai and spices back home in California to raise funds for a balwadi (kindergarten) whose funding has been discontinued.

Some of the women and teachers from our sewing classes have offered to help by making bags and headbands from sari offcuts.

Rebecca is also teaching English grammar and basic computer knowledge.

Other news

Sewers stitch their way to success: evaluation just in. More

Nalori's report of her recent visit to Pune is here: more

For news on study groups and sewing, click on photographs at right.

First Over 40 Women's Health camp 232 women and five men instead of the expected 30 people! More





















The Pune collection: learn, earn, thrive, grow

Pune, India. What began with Tribal Child Health & Early Education six years ago is expanding. Now we also support income generation, over forty women's health, kindergartens and after school study groups.

Members of the Gosawi nomad tribe find themselves in the slums of Pune, India, along with those displaced by earthquakes and other catastrophes beyond their control. Our local partner, an Ambedkharite Buddhist organisation called JEEVAK provides non-proselytising care. We are impressed with their work. They have proven to be extremely reliable over the years, and we are happy to be deepening our relationship.



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Making a start at making some money

Sewing classes for slum women
Over 40 women's health

Neglected, needed, new
The one that started it all

2-5 year-old tribal child health &
early education


Warm sun opening the buds

Salaries for study-group & kindergarten teachers















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