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25 December

Here's a relevant commentary from EcoHealth in 2005: Peering into the Fog: Ecologic Change, Human Affairs, and the Future (pdf 51KB)

24 December
We wish everyone a happy holiday season. Please click here for 'Thinking about the future: a conversation between Colin and Dr Andrew Glikson, Christmas Eve, 2008 (pdf 25KB). Colin and Dr Glikson, of Australian National University's School of Earth Sciences, discuss society's lack of understanding of the risk of climate and other forms of global environmental change.


Colin's commentary, Do we face a third revolution in human history? If so, how will public health respond? (pdf 57KB) was published in the Journal of Public Health in October.


Colin's editorial,'Sustainable health for all by the year 2100?' (pdf 43KB) appeared in the International Journal of Public Health.


Medical Director Archives



Shanghai, China. Colin speaks to academics and policy makers about climate change, food security and health.

Australia. Colin talks to the Riverina GPs and medical specialists about climate change and health.


French environmental health association ASEF has selected Colin to be one of the 100 Doctors for the Planet in a project that highlights the links between the environment and health. One interview a day will be released in the 100 days leading to the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December. Please visit ASEF's website for Colin's interview in French or download a pdf (25Kb). Please join a discussion with Colin on population and climate change, and just about anything else.


Colin speaks in Taiwan on food security in Asia-Pacific, and also on population displacement.

Colin addresses the World Medical Association in Copenhagen after speaking in Delhi on climate change & food security at a meeting of the SEARO countries, the southeast Asian division of WHO.


Colin is the keynote speaker at Aarhus University's recent 'Beyond Kyoto: Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change – Science Meets Industry, Policy and Public', 5-7 March in Aarhus, Denmark. His topic was the environmental and health reasons for reducing meat consumption.

From the above website: The most important issue facing the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-15) in December will be global regulatory agreements that can join forces of the major economies in the world. The present agreement – the Kyoto-Protocol is expected to be replaced by a stronger commitment. The questions are at present which environmental, ethical, social, economic, and business considerations will determine the negotiations for the period after 2012 – and what global commitments can be achieved.

There is a need for innovative solutions, technology development and public participation, and a need for cooperation across the multiple interests of the global society. The conference in Aarhus 5-7 March 2009 focused on these questions in a multidisciplinary approach. 



Colin was a delegate to the recent International Scientific Congress on Climate Change in Copenhagen, 10-12 March, entitled 'Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions.' This congress, a run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-15) in Copenhagen in December, aimed to do two things:

1. Synthesise existing and emerging scientific knowledge necessary in order to make intelligent societal decisions concerning application of mitigation and adaptation strategies in response to climate change; and

2. Identify and synthesise the science, technology and policy advances required in order to ensure sustainability of global communities in the current and coming decades.

Please click for the March conference's key messages (pdf 30KB) and abstract book.


Please see Colin's response (pdf 85KB) to reporter Andrew C Revkin's New York Times blog, Family Planning and the Path to Progress.

Here's an edited version of Globalisation, population, ecology and conflict(pdf 121KB), the keynote address Colin gave at the 2007 Australian Health Promotion Association Conference.


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